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We met Violaine in 2008 as we decided to get ourselves a home. Moving from renting to owning our first house in the south bay has been easy thanks to her skills. Proactive, knowledgable regarding the market and the area, expert in the process, Violaine made it happen in no time. Finding us the place made for us and in line with our budget. During the difficult year 2010, Violaine also handled a difficult sale for us, putting all the chances on our side with her expert advices (marketing, pricing, staging). And she helped us compete with hundreds of buyers to find us a new home in Cambrian at a great price and in great conditions. At that time, we knew we could rely on her to find the details and read the fine lines on the reports we had no time to read. She managed it all and we are thankful every day for this.

Stephanie Motre |
Apple Pay Security Engineer

Violaine understood us and our needs -- as a result we got the first home we wanted. She learned our taste by bringing us to various houses (at various price points), taught us the process of going through an offer by putting a bid a low bid on a potential property -- explaining all the nitty gritty, and even helped in the after-sale process. In regards to the after-sale, we still talk regularly about remodeling, color choices, furniture, and she'll even stop by to help with service people when no one can be home! I don't know of any other person I can rely on like that. As far as "customer service" it's simply top notch, and boiling that down to real estate agents, she is the 1%.

I'm very happy I was introduced to her and won't think twice about getting her involved in future purchasing decisions. I think this has been a great win-win situation for everyone involved and have already referred her to my colleagues

Yannis Peyret |
Global Operations @ Docker, Inc.

I've worked with Violaine since 2003 and Violaine has helped many of my clients realize their dream of home ownership. Violaine is a fantastic real estate agent. She has extensive market knowledge of the Peninsula; she is dedicated, focused, passionate and has great attention to details. Her ethic and her commitment to always do the right thing for her clients are what make Violaine stand out from the pack.

Greg Lartilleux |
President & Mortgage Planner at Avenir Mortgage Planners

Violaine assisted my family with the purchase of our home.  Buying a home, under the best circumstances is emotional and stressful.
In Violaine I found an advisor, advocate and friend.  I truly felt that she had our best interests in mind.
If we decide to make another move sometime in the future, Violaine will be the first person I call.

Brett and Tiffany DiMarco

Violaine is a great person, with fun, patience, experience, honesty and a lot of outside-the-box thinking. She understands that's it's normal to have cold feet when it's time to sign, and she'll give great moral support and a thorough presentation of the market to help the clients make and own their decision.
Give her a call, meet her over coffee, and she'll amaze you and win your clienthood.

Sophie Stockholm |
Substitute Teacher K-12. Multi subjects / French